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About Kildare Chamber of Commerce

  /  About Kildare Chamber of Commerce is an initiative of the Kildare Chamber of Commerce that will highlight and showcase Kildare Town as the place to visit, attract more visitors, inject income and create exposure for business and community groups alike, by hammering home the message Kildare Town is Ireland’s No 1 Day Trip Destination.

Kildare Chamber of Commerce Board Members

Name Chamber Position Business
Amanda McDermott Treasurer Bank of Ireland
Brian Flanagan Member of the Exec. Silken Thomas
Ciaran Clarke Vice Chair Roches Barbers
Eileen Kavanagh Chair
Emily-Kate O Conor Secretary Kildare Town Heritage Centre
Frank McMahon Member of the Exec. Frank McMahon & Co
Ger Conway Member of the Exec. Top Oil
John Brett Member of the Exec. Centra
Maureen Bergin Member of the Exec. Kildare Village Outlet
Michael Joyce Member of the Exec. Joyce Accountants
Michael McWey Member of the Exec. Michael McWey & Associates
Pamela Moore Member of the Exec. Square
Paul Lenehan Member of the Exec. Hartes Bar & Restaurant
Rachel Doyle Member of the Exec. Cunninghams
Suzanne Doyle Member of the Exec.

Mission Statement

  • To ensure that a strong relationship exists between the Chamber of Commerce and the business community in Kildare Town and to help promote economic development in Kildare by embracing and encouraging new ideas and creative thinking.
  • To promote advocacy and community leadership by facilitating, where possible, projects/events/initiatives that are for the betterment of businesses and community in Kildare and which add value to Kildare Town and promote it as a better place in which to live and do business.

Our Membership

Chamber membership is steadily increasing and is now the largest community organisation in Kildare Town. Members of the Chamber are typically Kildare people who love the town, living, working and doing business here.

Our rapidly growing population has attracted some of the best enterprises including the Kildare Village Outlet, several large supermarkets and supports many small businesses. Between them, they provide a rewarding working environment for the people of Kildare.

For more information on Kildare Chamber of Commerce please feel free to contact Secretary, Emily O Conor on

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