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Nearby Places to Visit

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Nearby Places to Visit

Other places of interest not within walking distance of Kildare Town

Curragh Race Course

The County Kildare venue hosts some of the most famous races in the world including the Irish Guineas Festival, Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby, Darley Irish Oaks and Gain Horse Feeds Irish St Leger.

Curragh Army Camp and Museum

This museum located within the army camp displays artifacts highlighting the role played by the Irish Army as modern day peacekeepers in European and African locations, and it’s change from horse drawn calvary to modern motorised light and heavy armour. Lots to see!

Pollardstown Fen

Pollardstown Fen is an alkaline marsh situated on the northern margin of the Curragh, approximately 3km north-west of Newbridge Town, Co. Kildare. It is a spring-fed, post-glacial fen occupying an area of 220ha (550 acres). The origins of the fen can be traced back to the end of the last Ice Age, approximately 12,000 years ago. Because of the rarity of the habitat and the number of rare plant and animal species, the site is rated as of international importance.

Cill Dara Golf Club

Quality golf, affordable pricing and genuine hospitality is what Cill Dara Golf Club is all about. Be guaranteed this, in one golfing experience. A golfer’s visit to Kildare is not complete until playing Cill Dara.

Donnelly’s Hollow

The site of the true story of Ireland’s famous bare knuckle fighter, this natural amphitheatre saw the great contest between Dan Donnelly and the British champion, a fight that started a myth that continous until this day! See Dan’s footprints where the grass has not grown since that day!

Father Moore’s Well

Father Moore’s Well is one of the best known holy wells in Co. Kildare and has enjoyed a huge attendance of pilgrims for over the past hundred years.

The Curragh Plains

Tradition has it that the great plain was handed over to St. Brigid of Kildare in the year 480 AD. The Curragh is closely related to many neighbouring historical sites. To the south is Dun Ailainne, a national monument dating back to 300 BC and the seat of the Kings of Leinster. To the north, is the Hill of Allen where, it is claimed, Fionn Mac Cumhaill and the Fianna assembled. The Curragh has been the scene of horse racing for hundreds of years and golf was first played on the Curragh in 1852.

The Hill of Allen

The Hill of Allen, is a volcanic hill surrounded by the Bog of Allen, and lies just 7 km north-west of Newbridge, and rises to a height of approximately 676 ft. The Hill of Allen is reputed to have once been the site of a camp / royal residence occupied by Fionn MacCumhaill and the Fianna, who hunted in its forests and organised chariot races at its foot.It is said that Fionn used the surrounding flatlands as training grounds for his warriors. There are what are said to be faint traces to indicate the site of an old fort on top of the hill, and there are indications that the current levelled top of the hill was formerly surrounded by earthen embankments. A small mound called Suidh-Fionn, (Fionn’s Chair), occupies the highest point, and it is there that Aylmer built the Tower.However over recent years extensive quarrying has noticeably changed the profile of the hill.

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