Chamber News

Board Members:

     Paul Lenehan, Chamber President


Brian Flanagan, Chamber Vice –President




Emily O Conor, Chamber Secretary/PRO



The Kildare Chamber policies and strategies are to improve the business environment in Kildare, enhance community prosperity and develop a sustainable mix of business and lifestyle opportunities for Kildare’s future. We act as an advocate for the business community, a conduit for information and a promoter of Kildare’s position in the regional landscape.



The Chamber is growing.

We currently have members, ranging from major corporate organisations to the smallest micro-business with everything in between. We are the largest community organisation in Kildare. Members of the Chamber are typically Kildare people who love the place, with many of them living and working here, as well as doing business.



Kildare Town is a Heritage Town that has see rapid growth and change over the years during which time the population has doubled and doubled again. Kildare has attracted some of the best employers including the Kildare Village Outlet and several large supermarkets. Between them, they provide a rewarding working environment for the people of Kildare.



Sport is also a passion for Kildare people and they have the facilities to play and enjoy many sports such as golf and GAA.



The Chamber’s future lies in harnessing the innovation and energy of the business community as a dynamic force for positive growth and development of Kildare Town. We will strive to be a powerful influence on Kildare’s future.



We Believe:

• We are the voice of commerce in the community

• We will partner with government to resolve obstacles which affect our community’s economic health and prosperity

• We are members working together for the benefit of the community

• We promote economic development in our community by supporting tourism, industry and business

• We strive to provide value for membership

• We derive strength through diversity

• We are a catalyst for change

Action Plan:

• We will lobby government to act on issues of concern to our members

• We will encourage & retain membership in the Chamber by promoting value

• We will promote economic development and prosperity through private and public partnerships

• We will promote business excellence

• We will seek to engage our members to become actively involved in Chamber initiatives and committees

• We will raise the profile of the Chamber in the community


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