F.I.T Marketing

F.I.T Marketing is a business new to Ireland but not a new business. The owners Anne and Andrew Brain have been working in the advertising, marketing and events management environment in Western Australia for 25 years.

A visit to the F.I.T website will provide most of the background information you require, suffice to say that the website you are browsing through has been facilitated by F.I.T.

Anne and Andrew Brain have engaged the services of three vibrant business partners, Sinead Smyth and Audrey Moore in Ireland and Louise George who is heading up the UK operation.

Sinead, Audrey and Louise are well qualified in their own area of expertise and are keen to assist your business with events management, advertising and marketing services.

We invite you to make use of our talents!

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e: anne@fitmarketing.ie
w: www.fitmarketing.ie
m: Anne 087 3868324

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